Alexandre François Desportes (1661-1743), oil on canvas, Dog and attributs, Museum of Fontainebleau

Alexandre François Desportes (1661-1743), oil on canvas, Dog and attributs, Museum  of Fontainebleau


Beatrice Byer Bayle graduated from the l’Ecole supérieure d’Art d’Avignon in 1995 in conservation of painted artefacts. This four year-training was followed by a one-year internship at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London in 1996. From 1997 to 2006, she worked in France in Paris and Amiens on various painted artworks dating from the 16th to the 21th century for museums, private collections and the National Heritage.

After moving to Singapore in 2006 she developed her interest in diverse conservation approaches and in different research perspectives, when she was granted a scholarship at the University of Melbourne. This Master by research in Cultural Materials Conservation locates conservation issues in cultural contexts shaped by specific local histories.


Beatrice Byer Bayle

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Beatrice Byer Bayle has restored paintings on canvas, wood, glas, marble, and cardboard. She has also acquired experience in the restoration of mural paintings.

Beatrice Byer Bayle paintings conservator in Bogota, Colombia is also engaged in cross-disciplinary research into conservation policies in different cultural contexts.  This includes investigation into  indigenous and localised conservation practices respecting and integrating the meaning and significance objects hold for the public.