Areas of expertise


Treatments of the paint layer on any support: cleaning, consolidation of cupping and cleavage, inpainting of paintlosses, varnishing.

Treatments of canvasses: flattening, strip-lining, re-streching, consolidation, mending of holes and tears, lining.

All treatments are preceded by a thourough examination that can be endorsed by ultraviolet or infrared inspections or through the analysis of cross-sections.

Monitoring exhibitions: Condition reports before and after exhibition, advice on preventive conservation mesures, transport, packaging and storage.

Examples of conservation works:

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Beatrice Byer Bayle has restored paintings on canvas, wood, glas, marble, and cardboard. She has also acquired experience in the restoration of mural paintings.

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Beatrice Byer Bayle paintings conservator in Bogota, Colombia is also engaged in cross-disciplinary research into conservation policies in different cultural contexts.  This includes investigation into  indigenous and localised conservation practices respecting and integrating the meaning and significance objects hold for the public.